Best Online Casinos for Players in New Zealand


When it comes to gambling online in New Zealand the laws are very simple. For remote casinos, gambling is banned. This means no business registered in New Zealand can open up an online casino. The rules do however allow for Kiwis to play at online casinos that are hosted abroad. Seeing as this means foreign casinos are the only legal source of legal gambling we are going to be discussing only foreign casinos when it comes to identifying the best online casinos in New Zealand. But allow as give you some good advice that will help you when picking and choosing the gambling sites to join in 2021 and way beyond.

What Makes an Online Casino the Best?

There are many online casinos as you can imagine and with the luxury of kiwi law allowing you to join them, where on earth do you begin?

When it comes to getting the best Online Casino in New Zealand the first approach is to look at yourself. What kind of player are you and what games are you looking to experience? Knowing what will satisfy you first will help to cut out a large percentage of crap which just isn’t for you. If you are someone that wants to experience everything, then this just makes the decision making easier because you remove all the sites that are just focused on giving you virtual experiences. Whereas the casino that offer multi-platform gaming are the places where you are gonna want to settle. You can choose between live-dealer features, playing the lotto, or accessing specific jackpots.

Alternatively, if you just want to keep it simple and play slot machines or video poker games, then your options become more vast because every casino online will have these games, it then becomes a question of quality.

Largely, it is the quality of the casino’s development that separates the good casino from the great ones, and the gulf in this ultimately sets you up to be part of the best and biggest casinos online, away from those that lack as much diversity and creativity.

Looking at the Standards of a Successful Casino Site in NZ

No new player knows what the standards are. It’s not until you’ve played hundreds of hours across hundreds of games inside hundreds of casinos, do you then become aware of what is truly out there in the world of online gaming and how incredible it is but also, how incredibly bad it can be.

Standards always begin with the casino’s foundation and how it came to be. Before a site goes live online, if it is legal, it will have spent at least a year trying to go through development of the site and trying to obtain a license. Getting a gambling license is no easy achievement and there are only a handful of online regulators the dish them out, so you need to be top of your game as a casino developer.

The licensor and regulator will be the judge of the standards when it comes to legitimacy and security. They will have your back when it comes to making sure the casino is 100% compliant with the codes of conduct. No license and either the site won’t ever appear online, or the site is online but operating illegally.

Next, you have the quality of the software that needs to be assessed, firstly beginning with security. If you have a site that uses Secure Socket Layer technology, then this is the best security software in the business which is also used by major banking firms. Next, it’s the standards in the gaming section.

Now, when it comes to games, names of software developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Blueprint Gaming and Red Tiger Gaming are not going to be known and a player’s face will look blankly at them because why else would people know.

Knowing software development is hugely important to know what kind of casino you are getting. Are you getting games that are fair, games that have recorded payouts, games that get tested and so on? It’s the difference of knowing that you actually have a good chance of winning from the games presented and not knowing anything and potentially throwing your money away.

Finding the Best Best Online Casino in New Zealand

If you want the best experience, then you need the following things from your casino.

  1. Legitimate and in-date gambling license.
  2. Independent game testing, for example, GameLab.
  3. Award-winning gaming development.
  4. Multi-platform gaming i.e. cricket betting and live casino features.
  5. Mobile access.
  6. Approximately 800+ games for diversity.
  7. A selection of fair promotional bonus offers.
  8. 247 customer support.

Any one of these elements missing and that casino is not the complete package, do not despair, there are many casinos online in New Zealand that caters for all of these things and much more.