How to find the best Cricket Betting Sites

Online cricket betting is one of the gambling opportunities that win lots of money on a daily basis for players around the world. However, although it may sound relatively easy, cricket betting online with the wrong betting sites is sure to cause you a few headaches. Choosing the appropriate cricket betting sites is important almost as important as the knowledge of the game itself.

Cricket bat

This is because the betting sites for cricket handle everything from creating odds to the available options for live cricket betting and other match predictions. This article discusses the best cricket bookies online, what to look for when searching and other cricket bets tips that you should know.

What is cricket betting?

To bet on cricket is to simply wager money based on odds provided by a bookmaker and win or lose depending on the actual outcome of the game. Although physical wagers used to be the most common in the early days, today, online channels have completely taken over. The best cricket betting sites allow you to bet on cricket online by providing a platform, and access to some of the best competitions in the world, including the ICC cricket world cup, the Indian Premier League (IPL) and more.

Players are allowed to place bets on their preferred cricket betting markets, by visiting the site or through cricket betting apps that gives all the functionality of the system version on your mobile.

Depending on your approach and diligence put in before making a bet, cricket betting could yield profitable results, and is a good place to put your excellent IPL prediction capacities to use. However, just like we earlier said, the bedrock of successful online cricket betting, lies with choosing the right bookmaker. Also, you can look outwards for betting tips and live updates to help out, by visiting ESPNcricinfo.

Finding the best cricket betting sites

If you are reading this, finding the best cricket betting sites for your online betting escapades is most likely at the top of your list. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned professional, it is important that you stay on top of your game regarding news pertaining to bookies and their ever-attractive offers. In the end, you should not be stuck to one bookie, but can rather have a few to shuffle around based on current happenings like promos.

Here are some of the factors to consider when finding the best cricket betting sites for you:

Life betting

Firstly, if you wish to bet on live cricket markets, your best bet is to go for a site that offers live betting across various cricket betting markets. This way, you are only limited by the choice of the market you decide to bet on and can engage in real-time life betting while a game is on. The thrill that comes with betting on live matches is probably the highest point of cricket betting. More about cricket betting markets is discussed later in this article.

Attractive bonuses

From welcome bonuses to in-play bonus, sites that offer different degrees of bonuses are surely going to make your betting experience more enjoyable. Normally, most betting websites offer this, however, they do so to different degrees, and it’s left to you to find out which goes down with you.

Diversified betting markets

Playing with a site that offers betting options across different markets means you can choose to bet on the different outcomes of a game, instead of sticking to the traditional model of betting on either a win, loss or draw. Having lots of options is always good, and a top site would offer such throughout the calendar year.


Licenses are arguably the ultimate proof that a cricket betting site is not a scam, and satisfies all the legal requirements. A legit betting would have top licenses like the Curacao, or Malta gaming authority or any approved license from a recognized body. However, it’s not wise to judge a site based on its licenses alone.

Withdrawal and deposit

The best sites have a wide array of withdrawal and deposit options for players to choose from. This includes card options like Visa and master cards, or e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, PayPal or more. Before committing to a betting site, it is important that you check the available withdrawal and deposit options and also the withdrawal deposit transaction duration.

How does cricket betting work?

Online cricket betting is relatively easy, and does not require any sort of expertise, at least the step-by-step betting process does not. However, concerning what you actually wager on, a lot of research and market analysis should have gone behind the background. Placing a bet without adequate research is simply you throwing out the window, your already slim chance of a win. It is important to understand firstly that the bookmakers design the odds to always be in their favor.

Here is a step-by-step approach to how cricket betting works:

  • Carry out research to find the appropriate bookmakers that support cricket betting
  • Choose your preferred option from your research and putting the previous factors we listed into consideration
  • Proceed to open an online betting account with the bookie
  • Fund your account through your preferred deposit method
  • Wager and sit back for the outcome of games

Once again, keep in mind that the research that goes into what wager you make is one of the most important steps in successful cricket betting.

Cricket betting competitions and the available cricket betting markets

Betting on the right cricket competitions and appropriate cricket betting markets are essential to the success of your overall betting experience.

Cricket betting competitions

Although there are several cricket betting competitions to choose from, the top ones are always a sweet spot for bettors. This is because they offer competitive odds and intense rivalry that does the market a lot of good. Here are some of the recommended betting competitions on whose matches you should wager:

  • ICC cricket world cup
  • The ashes series
  • Indian Premier League
  • Caribbean Premier League
  • Big bash league
  • Champions League Twenty20
  • Assia cup
  • T20 world cup

The ICC world cup remains a standout among these competitions but only comes around once every four years. Behind it is arguably the Indian Premier League, which is considered by many as the best cricket league in the world.

Cricket betting markets

Cricket betting markets are simply the different outcomes of games that you can bet on. Some of the most common markets are:

  • Match betting
  • Tied match
  • Completed match
  • Top batsman
  • Team of top batsman
  • Innings runs
  • Top bowler
  • Series winner
  • Tournament outright winner

The whole idea behind betting markets is to afford players the opportunity of betting on several outcomes. Success with this betting requires a good amount of research.